Westpac Home And Contents Insurance

Just in time for winter, when you have to be extra careful about the safety of your house and property, consider a long-term insurance solution from Westpac. The term life years event (TYME) coverage can protect your property against lightning strikes and even hurricane damage!

Your rights when purchasing insurance

-Westpac’s home and contents insurance policy is designed to protect you and your belongings in case of an unforeseen event, such as a fire or burglary. To make the most of your policy, here are some important things to know: We’ll cover you if something happens while you’re Away If something happens while you’re away from home and your Westpac home and contents insurance policy covers you, we’ll pay for any costs associated with repairing or replacing the items in your home that are damaged or destroyed. This includes any medical expenses, lost wages, and travel costs. The Policy Covers Your Personal Effects Too If something happens to your personal possessions while they’re inside your home, we’ll pay for their replacement value. This includes any jewellery, computers, electronics, furniture, paintings, and other valuable items. You Can Cancel or Change Your Policy Anytime If you need to cancel or change your policy because of a change in circumstances (for example, if you move house), we’ll work with you to make this happen as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Identifying if you have home and contents insurance

When you’re ready to buy a home, it’s important to consider your home and contents insurance options. Check with your mortgage lender to see if you need home and contents insurance.

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If you don’t have home and contents insurance, you may be liable for damages caused by a covered event in your home. Examples of events that could lead to coverage include: -A fire in your home -A plumbing problem in your home -A theft from your home Your home and contents insurance policy will usually refer to these types of events as “covered claims”. You may be liable for the costs of any covered claim, up to the limits of your policy. Home and Contents insurance is an important way to protect yourself and your belongings in the event of an accident or theft. If you’re not sure whether you need it, ask your mortgage lender or check with your home insurer.

How to make a claim

If you’re unfortunate enough to suffer a loss through theft or damage, whether it be from wind and rain, human error or some other cause, your first port of call should be the insurance company that issued your policy. Claims processes can vary between companies but in general, you should follow these steps: -If the property was insured under a personal policy, notify the insurer as soon as possible. -If the property was insured under a home policy, notify your westpac home and contents insurance representative. -Take pictures or video of the damage and any detritus left behind – this will help establish what you have lost. -Make a list of all the items that were inside the property at the time of the incident. This includes any furniture, belongings and appliances. -Follow our checklist to establish if your claim is valid. If it isn’t, contact our 24/7 helpline for advice on next steps.

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Westpac’s home and contents insurance policy is an excellent value for new homeowners. The policy includes liability coverage, theft protection and a range of optional extras, such as earthquake coverage. In the event of a loss, Westpac offers a reimbursement process that is very straightforward. The only issue that we found with the policy was the fact that it does not cover damage to your belongings caused by pests or vermin.