Wells Fargo Platinum Card Car Rental Insurance

Look out for transportation discounts when you’re renting a car.

Wells Fargo Platinum Card Car Rental Insurance

Benefits of being a depositor

If you’re a Wells Fargo Platinum Card depositor, you might be interested in some of the benefits your account can provide. For example, being a depositor can provide you with car rental insurance coverage, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and travel insurance. Being a Wells Fargo Platinum Card depositor also allows you to receive discounts on products and services from various businesses. For example, if you’re a Wells Fargo Platinum Card depositor and purchase merchandise at a Macy’s store, you can receive a 20 percent discount off your total purchase. Additionally, any time you make a purchase using your Wells Fargo Platinum Card, you can receive points that can be redeemed for rewards such as cash back or travel credits. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of being a Wells Fargo Platinum Card depositor, please give our team a call at (866) 877-7929. We would be happy to discuss any of the benefits available to you as a depositor with our bank.

Claiming your rental insurance

If you rented a car with Wells Fargo Platinum card, be sure to claim your rental insurance policy. If you Rent a Car with the Wells Fargo Platinum card and something goes wrong, you may be able to receive up to $100,000 in coverage. To claim your policy, simply call the numbers provided in the confirmation email or visit the website mentioned in that email. The process is simple and typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete. For more information on rental insurance policies, please visit the following website: \urlhttps://www.wellsfargopluscard.com/ policies-and-terms/rental-insurance/.

Accident and Driveaway

If you’re renting a car with Wells Fargo Platinum card, be sure to have auto insurance in case of an accident or driveaway. The coverage you get with your card will protect you and your rental car, up to the limits specified by your card. For accidents that occur while you’re driving your rented car, your coverage will extend to anyone who is injured as a result. If you’re the victim of a driveaway accident, your coverage will also protect you if someone else is injured while they’re trying to leave the scene of the crime. Make sure you understand your card’s coverage before you hit the road – it could save you a lot of money in repairs and reimbursements.

Damage Waiver

If you rent a car with the Wells Fargo Platinum Card, you may be entitled to receive damage waiver reimbursement. If your rental vehicle is damaged in a covered incident, Wells Fargo will automatically reimburse you for any reasonable expenses that you incur as a result of the damage, including car rental fees, airport parking fees, and other related expenses. To be eligible for this coverage, please keep the following information handy when renting a vehicle: -Your Platinum Card number -The date of your rental -The name and contact information of the person who rented the car to you To receive reimbursement for damages arising from a covered incident, simply provide documentation of your expenses to Wells Fargo within 30 days of the damaging incident. You do not need to take any action on our part; just have your receipts ready when contacting us. This coverage is available worldwide, and does not exclude any liability that you may have for losses or damages caused by your negligence.

Knowing the rules to avoid fees

If you’re travelling with your Wells Fargo Platinum Card, be sure to read up on the card’s rental car insurance benefits. The card can help you avoid some common rental-car fees, including collision and loss damage waiver coverage. Here are three tips to maximize your Platinum Card car rental insurance benefits: 1. Check your coverage. Many rental car agencies will give you a discount if you have eligible coverage with your Platinum Card. Make sure to check the details of the coverage before you leave for your trip – some policies may only cover property damage, while others may include liability protection as well. 2. Choose your insurer. In addition to the coverage that your credit card might provide, many companies offer discounts for customers who have their own insurance policy. Compare rates and find the policy that best suits your needs – both financially and legally. 3. Get a discount on rental cars. If you rent a car through one of the big chains like Alamo or Avis, ask about their Platinum Card loyalty program. Many of these companies offer substantial discounts off the regular rate for cardholders.