Wells Fargo Credit Card Car Insurance

It’s one thing to have insurance of your car, but it’s another thing entirely to find out the peace of mind you’ve actually paid for. For example, does your insurer cover motorcycle accidents? What about driving in Mexico for three days on a vacation? Both are things that we’d rather not think about when we’re back on the road again and feeling perkier than ever.

If you are looking for car insurance rates, you’ve come to the right place. Wells Fargo offers some of the best rates in the industry, thanks to our exclusive partnerships with top providers. To find out if we’re your best car insurance option, request a quote today. When you sign up for a Wells Fargo credit card, you’re automatically enrolled in our car insurance program. This gives you coverage if something happens to your car while you’re driving it. To get started, just call us at 1-800-922-9583 and we’ll walk you through the process. Plus, if you have any questions about our car insurance program, just ask us online or over the phone. We’re happy to help. Thanks for choosing Wells Fargo!

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