Trawick Travel Insurance Costa Rica

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Trawick insurance: benefits

Trawick travel insurance offers travelers a variety of benefits, like lost baggage, emergency medical evacuation, and rental car coverage. Our policyholders have also reported receiving reimbursement for expenses such as hotel stays, food and transportation. Depending on the destination, some of Trawick’s insurance policies may also include covers such as: Marine accidents and diseases; mountain rescue services; automobile liability; cruise Fernando de Noronha\u003csup\u003d0a7 port security; personal accident and health insurance. For added peace of mind while traveling, consider adding our coverage for trip cancellation and interruption. Trawick offers a number of add-on options to enhance the protection you receive from your insurance policy. Click here to learn more about our coverage options. When comparing travel insurance policies, be sure to read the fine print to see what is and is not covered. Some policies only cover certain types of emergencies or exclude countries entirely. Beside obtaining a policy from an reputable company like Trawick, make sure to keep copies of all important documents – including your passport – in a safe place while traveling.

What you get in return

Trawick travel insurance costa rica is a great way to protect yourself while on vacation. Insured by international providers, the coverage can vary depending on your particular trip, but in general it includes medical expenses, trip cancellation and interruption, baggage theft, missed connections, and more. Plus, the policy usually has reimbursement options for a wide range of activities like touring local attractions, booking rooms in popular hotels, and more.

What not to expect when shopping for a travel insurance policy

When shopping for a travel insurance policy, be aware that not all companies offer the same level of coverage. Make sure to compare policies carefully to find one that offers the level of coverage you need and fits your budget. Here are some things you should not expect when buying a travel insurance policy: -A policy that does not cover emergency medical expenses. -A policy that does not cover baggage and personal property loss. -A policy that does not have minimum dollar limits on coverage.

The ins and outs of purchasing your travels insurance policy

When planning a trip, it’s important to investigate what type of travel insurance is best for you. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing your policy: -What is the maximum dollar value of your claim? -Does the policy cover me if my trip is cancelled or delayed? -What coverage is available for lost luggage, medical expenses, and more? -How frequently do I need to submit a claim? -Is there a deductible (or other price tag) for claims? Shop around for the right policy and make sure it has the coverage you need. There are many options available, so please feel free to ask any questions you may have.


Although the cost of travel insurance can be a bit expensive, it is important to consider the types of coverage you need and whether they are included in your plan. For trips to Costa Rica, we recommend policies with either medical or evacuation coverage. Trip cancellation and curtailment coverage is also a good idea, especially if you’re counting on using your trip to connect with nature.