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How to Fix Wind Bumpers Along the Highway

If you live in a windy area, your car’s wind bumpers may be worn and need to be fixed. Wind bumpers keep your car from hitting the side of the road or other cars when driving in high winds. The easiest way to check is to blow into your car’s exhaust pipe and listen for a “whooshing” noise. If the noise is loud, your wind bumper is probably worn and needs to be replaced. Replacement is not expensive and can be done at any automotive or truck dealership.

The Best Juicing Recipes to Start Your Day

There are plenty of juicing recipes to choose from to start your day – from The Veggie Juicer Cookbook by Novlene Reilly and Cari Meyers, The Complete Juicing Workbook by Karen Solomon and Julie Morris, and The Juice Master’s Manual by Michael Moss to name a few. Some of our favorite juicing recipes include the Ginger-Lime Green Juice, the Spicy Cilantro-Mint Juice, and the Lemon-Ginger Juice.

Help Gut Health with These Amazing Asparagus Recipes

If you’re looking to improve your gut health, these amazing asparagus recipes are a great place to start. Not only will they make your meal more nutritious, but they’ll also give your digestive system a good workout!

How to be a Good Samaritan in Kentucky

When you think of good Samaritans, what comes to mind? Most people would probably say someone who helps a victim in need, or someone who lends a listening ear. But in Kentucky, there’s another type of good Samaritan who is often overlooked: the person who helps others in the community through their charitable acts. Here are five ways that you can be a good Samaritan in Kentucky: 1. Donate your time or resources to charity. There are many organizations that could use your help, whether it’s donating money or time. If you’re feeling motivated, there are many ways to get involved, such as volunteering at local soup kitchens or homeless shelters, giving blood, or raising funds for a specific cause. 2. Help out your neighbors when they need it most. When somebody is experiencing a difficult time, it can be tough to reach out for support. But pulling together and helping one another goes a long way in building solidarity and camaraderie within the community. If you see somebody struggling, don’t hesitate to offer help – whether it’s providing food or delivering mail. 3. Spread goodwill throughout the community by doing something nice for strangers. No matter where you are