Progressive Car Insurance Jackson Mi

With an average cost of $780 per year, car insurance is an expensive necessity for most Americans. One answer to this problem is to research what riders and providers offer high coverage rates but low rates, driving down the cost in the process.

The main benefits of Progressive car insurance

Progressive offers car insurance customers a variety of benefits, including: – $500 damage waiver: If you’re accidently hit by another driver and suffer Damage to your vehicle that totals up to $500, Progressive will cover the full cost of repairs. This excludes coverage for physical damage to the vehicle itself and liability for injury to others. – Vehicle theft protection: If your car is stolen, Progressive will help you get it back. If the thief is involved in an accident while driving your car, we’ll provide assistance recovering any damages they may have caused. – Un incidents de conducta uncontrollada por parte de terceros: Progressive ofrece un seguro para vehículos que cubre el costo de reparaciones en caso de que un tercero cause daños a tu vehículo que sumen hasta $500 en el transcurso de un período de 12 meses tras la contratación del seguro. Esto excluye coberturas por DAÑO FÍSICO al vehículo mismo y responsabilidad civil por daños o

How do you get a quote

If you have a car that is in good condition and has a clean driving record, Progressive may be a good option for car insurance. To get a quote, just go to and enter your zip code. You will be asked for your age, gender, marital status, per-capita income, number of vehicles registered in your name, and the type of vehicle you drive.

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What does the customer service team look like?

Progressive car insurance offers one of the most customer-friendly customer service teams around. The representatives are always willing to help and are more than happy to offer suggestions or answer any questions you may have. You can be sure that you’ll be taken care of in a timely manner, no matter what.

What coverage options are there for cars in Jackson?

When it comes to car insurance, there are a lot of different coverage options to choose from. Some people prefer comprehensive coverage, which covers all aspects of the car, including damage to the engine and transmission. Other people may choose collision coverage, which pays for injuries and property damage that occurs as a result of a car accident. Many people also choose vehicle liability insurance, which protects you if someone is injured or damages your car while you’re not driving it. There are many different coverage options, so it’s important to ask your agent what’s best for you and your car.


Progressive car insurance jackson mi are very affordable and cover accidents and comprehensive damage. Compared to the traditional car insurance, they have a few different features that make them stand out, such as roadside assistance. Progressive offers discounts for students and people with good credit, so it’s worth checking them out if you’re looking for affordable car insurance in Jackson mi.