Primerica Life Insurance Customer Service Phone Number

It can be difficult to find a reliable insurance reviews website with all of the top-notch details that you need before deciding whether or not to inquire with an insurance company. Here is an example of what a type of review might look like: “Primerica is a company that I would consider when shopping for life insurance. They have coverage across all types of risks and they’re low in price. Primerica’s knowledgeable team are available 24 hours, with no waiting penalty.” Primerica recently pledged to provide free mortgages if they became affordable again, so it might be time to shop around a little more often!

My Experience as a primerica life insurance customer

I had the unfortunate experience of having my home destroyed in a fire last year and needed to get insurance. After doing a ton of research, I settled on primorica life insurance because of their great customer service reputation. I called customer service and spoke with one of their representatives, Kelley. Kelley was very kind and helpful, and she went above and beyond to help me with my policy questions. I really appreciated her efforts, and I would definitely recommend using primorica life insurance if you’re looking for a quality product and outstanding customer service.

Lessons Learned

Primerica is one of the oldest and largest life insurance companies in the United States. They are a very reputable company, with a good reputation. However, they do have some bad customer service practices. When I first started using Primerica, the customer service reps were great. They were always polite and helpful. However, my interactions with them changed after I had some experience with their policyholder services. I had to call customer service numerous times to resolve issues with my policy. In most cases, I had to wait on hold for hours or even days before I could speak to someone who could help me. Sometimes, the reps would be unhelpful or even hostile when I tried to resolve my issue. As a result of these experiences, I cancelled my policy with Primerica before it expired.

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Additional Resources

If you have a question about your Primerica Life Insurance policy, you can call the customer service number listed on the back of your policy. This number is available Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 8:00pm EST. If you need to speak with a representative on the phone during non-business hours, please call our telephone relay service at (800) 795-1414. Please have your policy number and the date of your policy transaction handy when you call our relay service.