One Disadvantage Of Term Life Insurance Is That Quizlet

Imagine the amount of information you might be compelled to know if you wanted to compare term life insurance policies with your own during a shopping excursion. And then again, consider what would happen if you went back home and found out that your policy had been cancelled due to changes in the laws. That is unless, of course, your insurance agent could simply enter queries based on guidance provided by external services and perform an automatic comparison for you.

What is a term life insurance policy?

Term life insurance is a life insurance policy that provides coverage for a specific time period, typically 10 or 20 years. The policy may be renewable, but at a costlier rate. While term life insurance has its advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. Please read on to find out more about these disadvantages and how they can impact your decision whether to purchase a term life insurance policy.

Disadvantages of term life insurance

Term life insurance has some disadvantages when compared to whole life insurance. The first disadvantage of term life insurance is that it generally has a shorter period of coverage than whole life insurance. The second disadvantage of term life insurance is that the premiums are usually higher for term life than for whole life insurance. The last disadvantage of term life insurance is that the terms are shorter than for whole life insurance, which can result in a decrease in the value of the policy over time.

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Types of Term Life Insurance

One disadvantage of term life insurance is that you cannot change your mind after buying it. This means that if something unexpected happens and you no longer need the policy, you may not be able to sell it or get another policy without paying a premium. Term life also has a shorter coverage period than whole life insurance, which means that your cash value may not be as high if something happens before the policy’s maturity date.

How to Buy Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is a type of life insurance that insures a person for a specific term, such as 10 or 20 years. Term life insurance has one disadvantage compared to other types of life insurance: the policy cannot be cancelled or changed if the insured dies within the term. This means that you must decide whether you’re comfortable with the risk and whether you want to commit to the term of the policy.


One disadvantage of term life insurance is that you cannot change your mind about the policy after buying it. If you decide later on that you do not want the coverage, you will have to cancel the policy and pay a cancellation fee. This can be a problem if you change your mind about the coverage during an event or when something unexpected happens.