Ohsu Employee Health Insurance

Brittney Calaway, an employee of the Arizona State University Medical Center and a co-founder of Denver-based blog Denver Legacy loves her job, working in a medical field which lives on hope and empathy. But she has to pay the price for her work – with many years in and around hospitals, she’s always coming up against sick people and their pain. Despite the hard work, this isn’t giving Brittney much relief for her own health problems either.

Why is health insurance important for healthcare?

Health insurance is an important part of any healthcare system. When one is covered under a health insurance plan, they are typically provided with the resources they need to stay healthy. This includes access to care when needed, as well as financial assistance if costs are unexpectedly high. Health insurance can also provide peace of mind in knowing that if something bad happens, the person has the resources to get the treatment they need.

How does the state define what health insurance is?

The State of Oklahoma defines health insurance as “a program that provides benefits for physical and mental health care, as well as maternity, paternity, and newborn care.” In order to be covered under this type of coverage, individuals must meet certain requirements – such as being employed by a company that offers the policy, and having at least 12 months of continuous employment with the company.

When does OHIE cover medical care?

OHIE covers medical care for employees, their spouses and dependents who are enrolled in OHIE medical. If you are not enrolled in OHIE medical and your family needs coverage, please see a health insurance representative for more information about available options.

What types of third party coverage do students need?

Third party coverage for employees is important for a number of reasons. First, if an employee is injured on the job or Contracted Outside Services, their third party insurance may provide benefits to help cover medical expenses and lost wages. Second, if an employee becomes ill while they are working, their third party insurance policy may provide coverage for their medical expenses. Finally, employers can rely on third party insurance to provide protection in the event of an accident involving their employees.

What types of policies are available to student employees?

Student employees at Ohio State can choose among a variety of health insurance plans. The following are types of policies that are available to student employees: medical, dental, and vision. Medical insurance offers comprehensive coverage for hospital and doctor expenses, prescription drugs, ambulance service, and much more. Dental insurance covers preventive care and necessary dental treatments.vision insurance provides coverage for eye health care needs including check-ups, eyeglasses, and surgery. All three types of coverage are subject to annual maximums. Student employees who wish to add an additional type of policy should speak with their human resources representative. Employees can also choose to self-insure by paying for services out-of-pocket or through a third-party plan such as Aetna. If an employee elects to self-insure, the university will pay a portion of the premiums on behalf of the employee. Ohio State’s student health insurance program is one of the most comprehensive in the country. In addition to offering medical, dental and vision coverage, the program includes 24/7 emergency assistance and preventive care services. In case of an illness or accident, student employees can count on the university’s compassionate care team to help them

Types of dental and vision plans options

If you are looking for dental and vision coverage, there are a few types of plans that you can choose from. Some employers offer traditional plans with premiums and copayments, while others offer employee-sponsored plans with no premiums or copayments.


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