Northeastern Waive Health Insurance

An article highlighting the health insurance offered by northeastern waive

What is a health insurance waiver?

A health insurance waiver is a policy or program that allows an individual or group to receive medical care and treatment outside of the normal course of medical care. In order to qualify for a waiver, an applicant must meet specific eligibility requirements and demonstrate financial need. waivers arecommonly offered by government, charitable organizations, and private enterprise.

How do you know if you qualify for a coverage waiver?

If you are an Erie County resident and meet the federal poverty guidelines, you may be eligible for a waiver of your health insurance premium. To find out if you qualify, call the Erie County Department of Health at (716) 884-4500.

How long does it take the Northeast region to process an application?

You can expect your application to be processed within five to seven business days.

Is there other insurance to cover me during my enrollment period?

If you are from the Northeastern region of the United States, and your semester is starting on or after August 1st, you may be eligible to waive your health insurance. There are additional requirements that must be met in order to be eligible for this waiver, so please speak with your academic advisor to find out more.

What are the restrictions for these plans

Northeastern University in Boston, MA offers students the option to waive their health insurance in order to save money. Students must meet certain requirements that include having a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a minimum FAFSA score of $6500. Waiver options also include family size, ages of covered members, and whether a member is full time or part time student.

Which plan is right for me?

Northeastern officials have announced that the university will not require all students to have health insurance from this year on. This change follows other publicized efforts by Northeastern to reduce costs while maintaining the quality of services the school provides. In order to help students make the best decision for themselves, below is a breakdown of each option and how it would affect students at Northeastern. Option One: Northeastern offers a low-cost option called the Trusted Choice Plan that requires only a $50 per semester fee but does not offer any specific coverage. Under this plan, students are only eligible for emergency care and primary care services. This plan does not include prescriptions or specialists, and there is a lack of coverage for mental health and pregnancy services. Option Two: The University offers the Standard Health Insurance Plan which is similar to the Trusted choice plan but with some added benefits such as maternity coverage and mental health services. The Standard Health Insurance Plan also includes prescription coverage and medical consultations with specialists. However, like the Trusted Choice plan, there are no specific benefits for emergency care or primary care services. It is important to note that this is an expensive plan with monthly premiums starting at $344 per student

How do I contact my policy specialist

If you are having any questions about your policy, or need to make a claim, contact your policy specialist. You can find your policy specialist’s contact information on your policy card or online at the Northeastern website.


In northeastern United States, there is a growing trend of people not wanting to get health insurance. The reason for this is that health care in the northeast is expensive and many people do not believe that it is worth the price tag. There are a few ways to try and bypass having health insurance if you want to, but be careful because some of these methods might backfire. If you’re undecided about whether or not you should get health insurance or if you just can’t afford it, talk to any friends or family members who have good experience with the coverage available in your area.