Life Insurance Policy Provisions Options And Riders Quizlet

This blog article discusses various life insurance policy provisions and their effects on the policy. It provides a short quiz on the policies to help readers understand them better.

Life insurance policy options and riders

What is an Option? A life insurance option is a contractual provision that allows an insured to choose from among various benefits and riders. Riders can range from facultative to mandatory provisions, depending on the insurer’s marketing strategy. Mandatory riders are those that are required to be included in all policies issued in the insurance market by state law. These riders help protect the policyholder from a number of potential risks, including death or dismemberment caused by a covered event. Most mandatory riders also provide death benefits, which help reimburse the estate for funeral expenses and lost income. facultative riders allow an insured discretion in choosing how they would like their policy to work. Some riders may be incorporated into every policy, while others may be optional depending on certain factors, such as the geographic area in which the policy is sold. Optional riders may include things such as loss of income replacement benefits and income replacement limits. Neither of these options are right for everyone. When choosing between options, it is important to discuss your needs with a licensed insurance agent and compare products based on your specific situation.

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Life insurance policy provisions options and riders quizlet Do you know what your life insurance policy provisions options and riders are? Probably not! But quizlet can help. In this quizlet, we will explore different provisions options, including Whole Life, Variable Life, Universal Life, Target Benefit, and Joint and Survivor Insurance. If you’re looking to make your life insurance policy more advantageous to you and your family, take this quizlet!


Quizlet provides a variety of life insurance policy provisions options and riders that can be used in order to customize your life insurance policy. This quizlet is designed to help you understand the different provisions options and riders available to you, so that you can make the best decision for your specific needs. After taking this quizlet, you will know more about what provisions are available to you on a life insurance policy and which riders may be right for you. Thank you for taking our quiz!