Kiwi Travel Basic Insurance

When traveling overseas, most people will rely on travel insurance – it could be a natural disaster, an accident, or something more complicated. In this article you’ll find all the details needed to figure out what type of insurance is required and how much it should cost.

-Introduction -Lesser known travel insurance providers and plans -What’s my annual travel health care plan worth? -Things to remember about ‘traveling abroad’ -Tips for getting the most out of your medical and dental coverage -Conclusion

When travelling, it is always important to be aware of your personal safety and security. No one knows what could happen while travelling, so it’s important to have the right travel insurance in place. The following are three lesser-known travel insurance providers that may be worth investigating: 1) World Nomads 2) Travel Insured Direct 3) World Nomads has a worldwide network of contracted medical clinics, while Travel Insured Direct offers full coverage for health expenses including prescription medications and emergency evacuation costs. Please note: both World Nomads and Travel Insured Direct offer different types of plans, so it is important to read the fine print before making a decision. Some key things to remember about travel health care when looking for coverage include understanding the value of your annual plan and being sure you have received a summary of Benefits from your insurer in advance.

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