Insubuy Travel Health Insurance

Take a look at this article about health cover for your travels and get valuable information on what it takes to purchase insurance, the factors that can help you to find affordable policies and how to avoid quarantine!

How to travel without buying insurance

Whether you’re an adventurous newbie or an experienced globetrotter, one thing is for sure: without proper travel health insurance, you may be exposing yourself and your loved ones to unnecessary risk. Here are a few tips to help you travel sans coverage: -Choose your destinations wisely: Make sure to research potential hot spots before departing, and be mindful of any advisories issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). -Be prepared for emergencies: Always have a basic emergency kit with you on your trip – including medication for the elderly and children, personal first-aid supplies, food and water supplies, and light clothing – in case of an unexpected ailment. -Avoid overly risky activities: Stay well hydrated, avoid eating uncooked foods or drinks that are unsanitary, and be aware of your surroundings at all times. -Know the signs and symptoms of Zika Virus infection: If you’re travelling to an area where Zika has been reported, consult your doctor about having prophylactic treatment such as the contraceptive pill or condoms topped up with spermicide.

What you need to know

When you’re travelling, it’s important to do your research on health insurance. Here are five of the most important things to know about insubuy travel health insurance:

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1) Make sure you have adequate coverage – No matter where you go, there’s a risk of getting sick or injured while travelling. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have health insurance that will cover any costs that arise from these chances. 2) Don’t forget travel insurance for evacuation – Flying is one of the most common ways to get sick while travelling, so it’s important to be prepared for everything. Make sure you have travel insurance that includes coverage for evacuation if needed. 3) Consider including overseas health care in your policy – If you need medical care outside of your home country, make sure your policy includes coverage for it. this could include costs for doctor visits, hospital stays, and more. 4) Beware of pre-existing conditions – If a medical issue crops up before you leave, be sure your policy includes provisions for coverage related to pre-existing conditions. This could mean paying extra out-of-pocket costs or going without coverage altogether

Why you should travel without insurance

There are many reasons why you should travel without insurance. Firstly, it’s a great way to save money. Travel health insurance can be quite expensive and if you’re not travelling with any pre-existing medical conditions, it may not be worth buying a policy. Secondly, if something does go wrong while you’re on your trip, medical treatment can be extremely expensive. Thirdly, forget about any refunds or claims if something does happen – most travel health insurance policies only cover you for losses caused by events that occur during the trip. Fourthly, traveller’s diarrhoea is a common problem overseas and is not covered by most health insurance policies. Finally, travel can be really uncomfortable without proper health insurance – imagine being in a cramped plane with a dodgy stomach or struggling to find basic medical help in a foreign country!

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How insubuy can help

If you’re thinking of taking a trip this year but you’re worrying about the cost, insubuy can help. Insubuy is a website that offers travel health insurance and other insurance products to help make your trip more affordable. Insubuy allows you to compare rates and find the best deal for travel health insurance, whether you’re looking for coverage for yourself or as part of a travel packing list. You can also get quotes for car rental, airfare, and other travel-related expenses. Insubuy’s easy-to-use tools make it simple to find the right coverage for you and your trip. And with 24/7 customer support, there’s always someone available to help when you need it. So whether you’re planning a short trip or a long adventure, insubuy can make it easier to cover the costs.


If you’re thinking about travelling for business or pleasure, make sure to have health insurance in place. Whether you are jetting off to a vacation spot or embarking on a new adventure, it’s important to be safe and healthy while away from home. With insubuy travel health insurance, you’ll be covered in the event of an illness or injury while away from home. We offer multiple plans with different benefits that will meet your needs and protect you during your trip. Give us a call today at (877) 823-3907 to learn more!