Ihg Travel Insurance

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What ihg travel insurance covers

We at ihg aim to make your travel experiences easier by providing you with a range of travel insurance options. In addition to general travel insurance, we also offer specific insurance products designed specifically for those who are travelling to high-risk destinations. Coverage can include: – Emergency medical expenses (up to $100,000 per trip) – Lost luggage (up to $5,000 per item per trip) – Theft or loss of items while travelling (up to $3,000 per trip) – Cancellation or interruption of your trip because of a natural disaster or other emergency – Trip cancellation or interruption due to illness or injury nOur policy is simple and easy to understand, so you can focus on the fun part of your travels – experiencing the new place! To learn more about our various travel insurance options, please visit our website or call us at 1.800.447.9349.

Why you should go with ihg,

If you’re looking for a reliable travel insurance provider, you should definitely consider ihg. With over 140 years of experience, ihg knows a thing or two about protecting travelers. Plus, their products are affordable and include a wide range of benefits, so you can be sure you’re covered whatever your trip might entail. Here are some reasons why you should go with ihg: First and foremost, ihg is an internationally respected brand. This means that they have a wide network of partner companies all over the world, so they can offer you the best possible coverage no matter where you are going.

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Another great thing about ihg is their customer service. Unlike some other providers who operate mainly through telephone lines or online forms, ihg has dedicated staff who are happy to help you understand your coverage and make any necessary changes. And last but not least, ihg is one of the most affordable travel insurance providers on the market. In fact, many people find them to be much cheaper than even the smallest competitors. So if you’re ever in doubt about whether or not to take out travel insurance, don’t hesitate to give ihg a try – you won’t regret

Types of coverage and monthly fees

There are a few types of coverage that you can choose from when purchasing ihg travel insurance: Worldwide, Multi-trip, Single Trip, and Urgent Medical. Additionally, there are fixed monthly fees associated with each type of coverage. Worldwide Coverage: This option provides coverage for medical expenses (including repatriation) and loss of property or money while away from home. The monthly fee for this type of coverage is $10. Multi-trip Coverage: This option is best for travelers who plan on traveling multiple times within the course of a year. It provides coverage for medical expenses and loss of property or money on any number of trips taken during the year. The monthly fee for this type of coverage is $25. Single Trip Coverage: This option is perfect for those who only plan on traveling once in the year. It provides coverage for medical expenses and loss of property or money while away from home on one trip only. The monthly fee for this type of coverage is $35.

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Urgent Medical Coverage: This option provides coverage for emergency medical expenses incurred anywhere in the world. The monthly fee for this type of coverage is $50.


Blog Section: Benefits of IHG Travel Insurance By taking out travel insurance with IHG, you can protect yourself against potential financial losses in the event that something unexpected happens while you’re travelling. Here are some of the benefits to consider: 1. Peace of Mind: If there is an accident, illness or other unforeseen circumstance while you’re travelling, your insurance will cover you financially. This peace of mind can be immensely helpful when planning your trip, and can give you the assurance that everything will go as planned should something happen. 2. Potential Savings: Depending on the policy you choose, IHG travel insurance may also offer savings on medical expenses, lost luggage and more. This extra cash can be useful if something does happen – whether it’s a small incident like losing your passport or a more serious issue like getting stranded overseas overnight. 3. Coverage for All Types of Travel: With IHG travel insurance, you’ll be able to cover all your travel needs – from trips to Europe and Asia to visits to popular tourist destinations like Las Vegas and Hawaii. There’s no need to worry about finding the right policy – we have options for everyone! If you’re interested

How to file a claim

If you have a travel insurance policy from IHG, there are several ways to file a claim if something happens while you’re on your trip. Here’s what to do if you get injured:

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1. Contact your travel insurance company as soon as possible. They’ll help youfile a claim and will provide instructions on how to do so. 2. If you can’t contact your travel insurance company, head to the nearest hospital or emergency room. Tell the staff there about your travel insurance policy and ask them to activate it for you. 3. If you can’t go to the hospital or emergency room, call your travel insurance company again and explain the situation. Ask them to send a representative to the scene of the accident or injury as soon as possible. 4. Save all of your receipts and documents that relate to the accident or injury, including any medical reports. You’ll need them in order to file a claim with your travel insurance company.