If You Are Laid Off Your Group Health Insurance Quizlet

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If you are laid off, you may have to make a decision about whether to continue your group health insurance coverage through your employer. Here’s a quiz to help you decide if group health insurance is right for you. 1. Do you qualify for group health insurance through your employer? If you’re an employee, usually you do if your job requires it and you’re paid at least the federal minimum wage. The hours that count toward eligibility vary by state, so check with your employer or go to the website of the National Conference of State Legislatures to find out specifically what’s required in your state. 2. What will happen if you lose your job? If you don’t have group health insurance through your employer, you’ll likely need to purchase individual coverage on the open market. This can be expensive and difficult, particularly if you’re unemployed and haven’t had a planned retirement savings plan in place. In some cases, the government may be able to provide temporary or transitional coverage while you look for an affordable alternative. Speak to an expert about your situation if group health insurance isn’t right for you and you’re out of work.

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The Group Health Insurance quizlet is a quiz created to help you understand how your health insurance works if you are laid off. 1. What happens to my coverage if I am laid off? When your coverage ends, either because your employment ends or you choose to drop it, you have a few options. You can keep your coverage if you qualify for a COBRA continuation policy, or you can buy individual health insurance. If you qualify for a COBRA continuation policy, your employer will pay for six months of coverage while you look for a new job. If you don’t qualify for a COBRA continuation policy and don’t want to buy individual health insurance, the government will provide temporary health coverage while you look for a new job. If you’re not eligible for any of these options, your coverage will end when your leave of absence expires or when your employment ends.


If you are laid off, it is important that you know what your options are for group health insurance. You may be able to keep your current policy if you qualify for it, or you may be able to find a new policy through an exchange or through a private employer. In order to find out what your options are, take the quiz below.