Home Insurance Navarre Fl

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What is Home Insurance?

There’s no question that homeowners insurance protects your property should something happen. In most cases, it helps pay for damages and costs associated with a loss, such as: -Storm damages -Wind and hail damage -Fire damage -The cost of moving out of the home after a loss You might think these are the only things your policy will cover, but there are other benefits, too. For example, if you have a policy that includes personal liability coverage, you can protect yourself from lawsuits stemming from organ failures or other medical emergencies in your home. Contact an agent at your insurance company to learn more about what your policy covers and doesn’t cover. Homeowners insurance isn’t just for homes – it can also protect valuable possessions like antiques or vehicles in your driveway.

Get a Quote For Home Insurance

If you’re not sure if you need home insurance, or if you just want to get a quote, check out our blog section! We’ve got all the info you need to get a quote for home insurance in Navarre FL.

Negotiate With Your Agent to Save on Home Insurance

When you’re shopping for home insurance, don’t forget to ask your agent about discounts. Many policies offer discounts for bundling with other services, such as car insurance. Ask about a particular policy’s discount program and if there are any restrictions on the types of discounts you may be eligible for. Additionally, many agents will allow you to compare rates online before you go in for a consultation. This way, you can get an idea of what rates you could expect from different providers. Finally, know your rights when it comes to discounts. You are not obligated to accept a lower quote just because your agent suggests it–you have the right to shop around and hold out for a better deal.

Navarre FL Proving Ground Tree

In the latest Blog Section article, Navarre FL Proving Ground Tree, we take a look at the history of this tree and why it has become such an important part of the city. Located in Navarre Park on North Monroe Street, this tree is 123 years old and was a focal point of the cityscape until it was struck by lightning and killed in 2010. The demise of this tree prompted local residents to begin a petition calling for the city to plant a new tree in its place that would better reflect the city’s diversity. In 2012, Mayor Butch Seel announced that a new tree had been planted and dedicated in honor of the original tree. The new sapling – a Japanese maple – is located just north of the original tree and has quickly become an iconic part of Navarre Park. “We wanted to make sure that any new addition to the park would be reflective of our community and be something that everyone could enjoy,” Mayor Seel said. The story of this tree is an important reminder that trees can play an important role in our communities and can create a sense of community identity. Thank you for reading

Legislating with Insurance Brokers

When legislators across the country consider health care reform, home insurance is always a top priority. In some cases, legislatures are looking to strengthen home insurance protections and in other cases, lawmakers are trying to address gaps in coverage that can leave homeowners vulnerable to costly and devastating losses. In this issue of The Insurance Journal, we take a look at how one state is advocating for better home insurance through legislation. Louisiana is working with insurance brokers and associations to develop proposed changes to its home insurance law that would create stronger consumer protections. The issues that Louisiana lawmakers are targeting include requiring policyholders to maintain primary residences in their state, requiring appraisals whenever a property is sold or leased, and prohibiting insurers from dropping coverage for a property after a loss has occurred. The goal of this legislative effort is two-fold: to help consumers be better informed about their home insurance coverage and to protect them from potential financial losses following a covered loss. If enacted, these reforms would likely improve the quality of home insurance in Louisiana and offer some protection to homeowners who may not be fully protected by their current policy.