Fordham Health Insurance Waiver

This issue’s editorial explores specific new health care proposals being put forward in Washington D.C.

What is a Health Insurance Waiver?

A health insurance waiver is a form of insurance that allows people to forgo standard medical coverage. Waivers can be helpful for people who have expensive health care needs, work in high-risk industries, or are otherwise unable to obtain coverage through traditional means. Fordham University offers a health insurance waiver for faculty and staff. If you are interested in obtaining a health insurance waiver at Fordham, please click here.

Benefits of a Health Ins. Wavier

If you are looking for relief from health care costs, a health insurance waiver may be the answer. A health insurance waiver is a special form of insurance that can help you reduce the cost of coverage. Below are some of the benefits of using a health insurance waiver: 1. A health insurance waiver can allow you to obtain affordable coverage without having to meet certain medical requirements or worry about financial penalties. 2. You may be able to receive coverage for medically necessary treatments that you would not be able to receive under regular health insurance. 3. A health insurance waiver may provide coverage for services that are not ordinarily covered by your regular health insurance, such as mental health services or substance abuse treatment. 4. A health insurance waiver can help you get coverage if you have pre-existing medical conditions. 5. A health insurance waiver can provide you with added benefits, such as prescription drug coverage or discounts on hospital care. If you are considering a health insurance waiver, make sure to speak with a qualified provider to see if it is the right option for you and your specific needs.

What are the Exam Processes?

The university offers several exam processes such as: the PANCE-5, the Step 1 Clinical Psychology exam, and the MCAT. For more information on these exams, please visit

How to Apply

If you are in need of health insurance, Fordham has a waiver program available for students and staff. To apply for the waiver, please visit the Health Services website and follow the online application instructions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

HSA, Cobra and other health insurances

Cobra and other health insurances are excellent options for those who have Fordham Health Insurance. This is because Cobra plans can be tailored to meet the specific needs of an individual policyholder. The policy may include coverage for pharmacy and preventative care, which is beneficial as these services can cost a great deal. Additionally, Cobra policies typically have low out-of-pocket expenses, making them a good option for those who are looking to save money on their medical expenses.


If you are looking for a health insurance waiver, Fordham Health offers several options. You can apply online or by calling our office. We will help you determine if a health insurance waiver is right for you and then help you get started.