Fep Other Health Insurance Questionnaire

A blog article about different health insurance plans for the federal employees.


Every year, the National Council for Health Insurance Survey (NCOHIS) is released which helps to understand the way Americans’ health insurance covers medical expenses. In order to help health insurance providers and other entities track the evolution of this market, we’ve put together a questionnaire for users of other health insurance policies that cover medical expenses. 1. What was the most important factor in your decision to purchase or continue using other health insurance? The most important factor in my decision was the price of coverage. I was looking for a policy that would be affordable and provide good benefits.

The Structure of the questionnaire

The following questionnaire is designed to help you gather information about your health insurance coverage. PLEASE READ ALL OF IT BEFORE COMPLETING IT. If you have any questions, please contact us at admin@medicarepartner.com. Thank you! 1) Are you covered under a standard health insurance plan? 2) What type of coverage do you have? 3) What is the deductible/co-pay amount for your coverage? 4) In what province are you located? 5) Have you used your health insurance in the past 12 months? If so, was it for a health care service or medication? 6) What was the cost of that service or medication? 7) Is there any other coverage (e.g. Medicare, private health insurance, etc.) that may help with additional costs for medical care? If so, please describe: 8) Are you satisfied with the level of healthcare provided by your standard health insurance plan? Why or why not? 9) Could you see yourself using ambulance/emergency services if necessary? Why or why not? 10) Are there any areas in which your standard health insurance does not cover all

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How long does a routine and annual physical take?

Most people think their physical is a one time event, but in reality it should be done every year. Going through the routine and annual physical allows your doctor to keep an eye on your health and identify any potential problems early. A regular physical can help you avoid costly medical bills and even prevent serious illnesses.

What is this form for?

This form is for use only by people covered under a health insurance plan that participates in the Federal Employees Pension Program. The form helps you determine if you are entitled to a retirement pension. If you are unsure whether your health insurance plan participates in the Federal Employees Pension Program or if you have any questions about receiving a retirement pension, please contact your human resources representative. You can also find information about the Federal Employees Pension Program on the Department of Labor website at www.dol.gov/fep.

How long do I keep my medical records?

We recommend keeping your medical records for a minimum of 10 years after your last discharge from a hospital or 12 months after the last treatment. We strongly recommend storing your records for a longer period of time to ensure complete privacy and protection.

How often should I see your specialized provider?

If I were being treated by my doctor regularly and did not experience any adverse effects, would you say that is was at least every 6 months?

Do I need to submit any documents when filing an application or change of status?