Do I Get Travel Insurance With Amex

Are you willing to lose out on travel insurance when using your amex card? Here is what you need to know.

Why do I need Travel Insurance?

As a traveller, it is important to be aware of potential risks that come with your trip, such as cancelled flights, lost luggage, and injury in unfamiliar surroundings. To ensure you are fully protected in the event of any unfavorable occurrences, travel insurance is a key component of your security plan. There are a variety of different types of travel insurance available, and each has its own unique benefits and restrictions. Some examples include World Nomads Travel Insurance, which covers expenses for medical evacuation and repatriation; Travelex Insured Adventures Protection Plan, which covers losses due to natural disasters including theft and extreme weather conditions; and American Express Travel Insurance, which includes coverage for at-home emergencies such as fires or burglaries. Before making your decision on which type of travel insurance to purchase, it is important to fully understand the coverage that is offered. Each policy will also have specific exclusions (for example, World Nomads excludes trip cancellation/delay coverage while Travelex excludes events taking place outside of the Americas), so be sure to read the fine print before making a purchase. In addition to understanding the specifics of your policy, it is also important to know how to use it if an unforeseen

What are the benefits of Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance can provide a number of benefits, such as reimbursement for expenses that may have been incurred during your trip (such as lost luggage or medical costs), coverage for personal liability in the event of accidents while on the road, and protection from financial losses in the event of an unexpected evacuation. In addition, many policies include features such as trip cancellations and interruption benefits. For a comprehensive list of the benefits that travel insurance can offer, be sure to read our article on the subject.

Protection of your Liability:

If you have a valid American Express card and are at least 18 years old, then you are already covered by the American Express Cardholder Protection Insurance. This insurance provides reimbursement up to $250,000 for incidents that occur while you are traveling with your card. Additionally, American Express has a Travel Protection plan that provides coverage for trip cancellation, interruption, loss or theft of your equipment or baggage. The plan has a limit of $500,000 for both trip cancellation and baggage damage. You can purchase this coverage through your card issuer or directly from American Express.

Preparation and Packaging – Shipping Cost Reimbursement:

If you have an American Express card and purchase items through the American Express website, you may be eligible for reimbursements for shipping costs. This benefit is available if your order is more than $50 and you have an American Express Membership. To qualify for reimbursement, your package must meet the following requirements: -Your order must be delivered to your address in the continental United States -Your package must weigh less than 20 pounds -Your order must be sent using UPS or Federal Express To receive reimbursement, simply follow these steps: -Log into your account on the American Express website and click on My Account. -Under My Rewards, click on redeem points and select Travel. -In the Amount box, type in the total cost of your order (before taxes and shipping). -In the Ship To box, type in your address in the continental United States. -Select UPS or Federal Express as the shipping method. -Click Submit. If you have an Amex green card, you should also be eligible for a 50% discount on all purchases made with your card. For more information about this benefit, visit

Medical Evacuation Coverage while Outside of Coverage Territory:

When traveling outside of your coverage territory, it is important to be aware of the potential risks associated with medical evacuation. American Express Travel Insurance can help cover some of those costs. If you are unfortunate enough to require medical evacuation while traveling, American Express Travel Insurance can provide coverage for you and any companions travelling with you. This coverage includes pre-existing conditions and trip cancellation benefits. In addition, our policy includes helicopter evacuation coverage should the need arise. For a free consultation, please call our toll free number 1 (877) AMA-EXXpress. We would be happy to help you understand your coverage and determine what steps may be necessary in order to make your travel as safe and comfortable as possible.

Emergency Assistance Services

Do you need help if something terrible happens while you’re traveling? Whether it’s a natural disaster or a bad accident, the American Express Travel Assistance program can help. The program offers a variety of services, including medical coverage, 24/7 emergency assistance, and rental car reimbursement. To learn more and find out if you’re eligible for help, visit


Yes, you can get travel insurance with American Express. American Express offers a variety of plans that cater to different needs and budgets. You can purchase just the insurance plan or bundle it with other products such as roadside assistance, hotel discounts, and more. We hope our guide has helped you determine which American Express travel insurance plan would be best for your needs. If you have any questions about getting travel insurance with American Express, let us know in the comments below!