Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel Insurance Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and are planning on traveling, here are a few online resources to help you with packing light, checking your route, avoiding dangerous wildlife and weather issues, health care options on the go, cost of becoming a parent in different countries, etc.

Chase Sapphire Reserve vs. AllIANZ Travel Insurance

If you’re pregnant and want to travel, you may want to consider whether to use the Chase Sapphire Reserve or Allianz Travel Insurance. Here’s an overview of each: The Chase Sapphire Reserve is a high-end credit card that offers great benefits, such as a 50,000 point sign-up bonus and generous travel insurance coverage. The main downside is that the card has an annual fee of $450, which is higher than the Allianz Travel Insurance plan, which only has a $27 annual fee. Allianz Travel Insurance offers a variety of coverage options, including plans that include medical expenses, rental car insurance, and cancelled flight coverage. The main advantage of Allianz over the Chase Sapphire Reserve is its extensive international travel insurance coverage. It also comes with a customer service hotline in case you have any questions.

What does pregnancy mean for travel insurance?

Travel insurance for pregnant women is crucial, especially since a pregnancy can lead to a lot of changes in your daily routine. Here’s what travel insurance for pregnant women should cover: • Surgery and medical expenses if you get injured while traveling. • Coverage for you and your baby in case of birth defects or other obstetrical issues while you’re away. • Accommodation and food costs if you have to stay in a hospital or overnight due to childbirth. Make sure to read your policy carefully to see if there are any specific exclusions or limitations that may apply to you as a pregnant woman. If you have questions about travel insurance for pregnant women, don’t hesitate to reach out to your insurer or the provider of your travel insurance policy.


If you are thinking about traveling to the Chase Sapphire Reserve region during your pregnancy, it is important to consider all of your options for travel insurance. Here are three things to keep in mind when searching for a travel insurance policy for your pregnancy: -Cover maternity care: You will likely need coverage for maternity care should you need it while traveling to the Chase Sapphire Reserve region. This includes childbirth procedures and hospital bills if you become ill or injured while on your trip. -Cover global health emergencies: Make sure your policy covers global health emergencies, like pandemics, which can affect any destination. -Consider cancellation and rescheduling expenses: Policies typically have provisions that allow you to cancel or reschedule a trip without penalty, should something come up before departure. Be sure to read the fine print.