Bridgewater State University Health Insurance Waiver

The article contains general information about their state waiver’s process and how it can benefit you. It also tells what the university considers necessary for their healthcare.

Blog Owner’s Reasons for Waiving Health Insurance

In order to continue my studies at Bridgewater State University, I have decided to waive my health insurance policy. This decision was not taken lightly and there are a few reasons why I made this choice. First and foremost, I value the education that I am receiving here at Bridgewater State. I know that the professors are passionate about their work and the opportunities that BSU provides me – both academically and career-wise – are second to none. In addition, instituting a health insurance policy would add an additional cost that I cannot afford at this time. Second, as an international student, I am aware of the difficulties that come with having health insurance. Many countries do not offer comprehensive coverage and/or prohibitively high premiums. Although BSU does have excellent health care resources, it is not possible for me to afford to utilize them FULLY since my insurance would cover only a fraction of the costs. Finally, by opting out of health insurance I am taking a proactive stance towards maintaining good physical and mental health throughout my entire academic career here at BSDU. No one knows better than I do how quickly circumstances can change and how important it is to be prepared for whatever life throws my way.

How to Apply for the Bridgewater State University Health Insurance Waiver

If you are looking for a way to cut your healthcare costs, consider applying for the Bridgewater State University health insurance waiver. This program allows qualifying students and employees to purchase healthcare plans that are substantially less expensive than what is available through the university’s regular insurance provider. To be eligible for the waiver, you must: reside in Massachusetts, be registered or accepted as a student at Bridgewater State University, be a full-time employee of the university, and be employed in a position that requires qualified health benefits. The health insurance waiver is open to residents of Massachusetts who meet these eligibility requirements and fulfill one of the following conditions:

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– You are covered by an employer-sponsored plan that does not meet the standards set by the Affordable Care Act. – Your income is less than 150% of the federal poverty level. – You are a part-time student and your annual income does not exceed $30,000. – You are a full-time student and your annual income does not exceed $46,000.

Benefits of the BSU Health Insurance Waive

Students who are enrolled in a BSU degree program and have health insurance may be eligible to waive their coverage. By waiving coverage, students can save money on their premiums, as well as receive essential health services without having to pay out-of-pocket. To be able to waive coverage, students must first be accepted into a degree/certificate program at BSU and meet one of the following eligibility requirements: -Be insured by Medicare, Medicaid, or a State-funded health insurance plan -Be covered by a comprehensive student health insurance policy offered through BSU\u2013 either as an individual student or through an institutional group plan \u2013 In order for the policy to qualify, it must meet certain standards set by the American College Health Association. Once accepted into a degree program and meeting eligibility requirements, students can submit a request for coverage waiver to their school’s Health Insurance office. The Health Insurance office will then contact both the student’s current insurance company and the Student Health Services department at BSU to begin the process of waiving coverage. Depending on the individual policy, waivers may take several weeks or months to complete. Once approved, the health insurance

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