Axa Home Insurance Belgium

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The Main Benefits of Home Insurance –

The main benefits of home insurance may surprise you. Home insurance can protect you and your belongings in the event of a property damage or theft claim. It can also provide financial protection in case of an unexpected illness or death in your home. Some other key benefits of home insurance include: -Providing peace of mind if something happens to your home -Ensuring that you have the resources to cover repair costs in the event of a critical issue -Reducing the risk of being uninsured should a catastrophe strike To learn more about what types of coverage are available through Axa Home Insurance, please visit our website or contact us today!

What is the Costs of Home Insurance

Different home insurance companies have different rates for coverages and fees. The table below provides an overview of the costs of home insurance in Belgium, as of October 2017. The prices are for a single-family residence with a value of €200,000.

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Level of Coverage Costs per Year Basic Home Insurance €8.65 €111.80 Major Home Insurance €11.50 €157.40 Catastrophic Home Insurance €16.15 €239.90 There are also various optional coverages that you might want to buy, such as earthquake coverage or flood coverage. The table below shows the approximate costs for these additional coverages. Level of Coverage Costs per Year Earthquake Protection €1.35 €2.65 Flood Protection €2.45 €5.10

Covered by Home Insurance?

If you’re a homeowner in Belgium, you may be protected by your home insurance policy. In some cases, home insurance may even cover damage done to your property from a natural disaster like a flood or storm. To find out whether your home insurance covers damage from a natural disaster, contact your insurer. Also, be sure to read the coverage details of your policy carefully. Some policies may only cover relatively minor damage while others may offer more comprehensive coverage. If you do sufferproperty damage as a result of a natural disaster in Belgium, don’t hesitate to consult with an attorney. An experienced legal professional can help you navigate the complex Belgian legal system and help recover damages that you may be entitled to receive.

About the Company: axa home insurance

Axa Home Insurance is a French multinational insurance company with operations in over 30 countries. Founded in 1822, it is the fifth largest insurer in the world. The company ranks first in France and seventh globally in terms of market capitalization. In Belgium, axa home insurance offer home and auto insurance products to customers through several physical outlets as well as direct sales channels. All products are underwritten by alternative underwriters. Blog Section: European Union Law European Union (EU) law applies to all companies operating within the EU, including those based outside of the EU but with a presence within the EU. This article outlines key aspects of EU law that may affect your business operations and discusses potential consequences if you breach these laws.

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1) General Principles Under EU law, all companies operating within the EU are subject to the same basic legal rules and principles. These rules vouch for a wide range of fundamental rights – including freedom of expression, rights to participate in economic activity, and consumer rights – which all citizens enjoy. Companies must also comply with certain social and environmental standards. In some cases, member states can impose additional regulations on businesses operating within their borders. 2) Taxes