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Overviews for the Blog

Looking for a blog to follow dedicated to helping Americans live better lives? Look no further than Amerilife. We provide affordable life insurance and other financial products and services to help Americans take care of themselves and their families. In this blog, we will spotlight some of the best tips and advice about living a healthy life and taking care of your finances.

Myth Break

Most people assume that life insurance is a necessary part of safeguarding their family’s financial future. But is it really? In this blog post, we’ll explore the myth that life insurance is essential for your family’s financial security and discuss why you may not need it. First of all, let’s dispel one myth: life insurance isn’t actually designed to help you financially secure your family. The purpose of life insurance is to provide a financial future for your dependents in the event you die prematurely. So while it’s important to have life insurance, it’s not necessarily essential. If you don’t want or need life insurance, by all means don’t buy it! But keep in mind that if something happens to you and you don’t have any type of life insurance, your loved ones could end up facing a lot of financial challenges. For example, if you have three kids under the age of 18, each with a college bill totaling $40,000 per year and you die without any money set aside for them, they would be responsible for paying those bills themselves. That could

Market Analysis

The global american life insurance market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.4% over the forecast period 2016-2020. The growth is fuelled by increasing demand for supplementary and extra-covering life insurance policies among consumers in emerging countries. According to a study by Global Industry Analysts, during the next five years, the global consumer life insurance market will reach $1.48 trillion as global premiums are expected to grow 5.5%. The report also highlights that North America will account for the largest share of this market with a share of 37%, followed by Europe at 32% and Asia Pacific at 27%. In terms of region, Europe is projected to lead the overall market with a CAGR of 7.3% in 2016-2020, followed by North America (7%); Asia Pacific (6.9%); and Latin America (2%), respectively. Despite stringent regulations from some developed countries and likely competition from alternative products such as annuities, the five-year outlook for American life insurance products shows that they remain firmly entrenched in the hearts and minds of many people around the world—a testament to the brands’ longstanding commitments to customer satisfaction

America Life Insurance FAQs

If you’re considering buying life insurance, there are some important questions to ask yourself. Here are America Life Insurance FAQs to help answer some of the most common questions: 1. What is considered a full-time job? Full-time employment is Employment that involves working at least 35 hours per week. If you are self-employed, or work in a part-time job, your hour count may be different than if you work in a full-time job. 2. How do I determine my coverage? Before deciding on a policy, it’s important to understand your needs and how much coverage you need. You can get an estimate of your coverage by using our interactive life insurance calculator . Just enter your age, gender, smoking status and other information and our calculator will provide an estimate of how much life insurance you need based on your unique circumstances. 3. Is there a limit on how much coverage I can buy? There’s no limit on the amount of life insurance you can buy, as long as it meets your needs and meets the minimum requirements set by the state in which you reside. Policies with advanced payments plans may have restrictions on the maximum amount you can

How to Receive ePromise Booklets

To receive ePromise booklets, go to and sign in. Scroll down to the “My Rewards” section and select “Collect ePromise Booklets.” Each time you make a purchase through the ePromise program, you’ll get one booklet mailed to you. If you’re already receiving booklets, thank you!

Tips for Successful Social Media Campaigns

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