American Express Blue Cash Everyday Travel Insurance

With this travel insurance card, American Express covers three trips to any destination in the world within a year for just two percent of the price. The card’s value is limited to around $400-$600. The main feature that sets this card apart from the rest is its daily experience bonus (currently up to 17,500 points); bonus points are awarded per dollar spent on Blue Cash® Everyday and Blue Cash Preferred cards each day you do not take a trip.

What is included in the Insurance?

The American Express Blue Cash Everyday Travel Insurance includes coverage for trip cancellation, interruption, transportation delays, and earthquakes. Trip cancellation includes unexpected illness or injury; the policy also covers pre-existing conditions. Interruption includes being stranded abroad without a refund and missed connections. Transportation delays include delays in air travel, boat travel, or vehicle services. And earthquakes include both natural and manmade disasters including fires, floods, hurricanes, and snowstorms.

Get a Quote

If you’re looking for a way to stretch your travel budget, American Express Blue Cash Everyday is a great option. This travel insurance policy coveres basic medical expenses and trip cancellation, so you can rest assured that if something bad happens while you’re away, you’ll be covered. Plus, the benefits are available as an insert into your American Express Blue Cash Everyday card, so there’s no need to carry extra insurance or worry about paperwork. Just get a quote online and start planning your dream trip!

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Things to consider when purchasing travel insurance

When planning a trip, it is important to consider the different travel insurance options available to you. American Express Blue Cash Everyday Travel Insurance offers travelers a variety of coverage options that cater to their specific needs. Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing this type of coverage: -Flight cancellation and interruption coverage: This policy provides financial assistance in the event that your flight is cancelled or interrupted for any reason, including natural disasters. -Emergency medical expenses: This policy covers all medically necessary expenses that you may incur if you are injured or become ill while traveling. -Cancel for any reason: If the trip you’re planning clashes with your work schedule, this policy allows you to cancel without penalty. Since each traveler has unique travel needs, it is important to review all of the available coverage options before making a decision. American Express Blue Cash Everyday Travel Insurance can provide peace of mind during your upcoming trip.

Purchase your insurance

American Express Blue Cash Everyday Travel Insurance is a travel insurance policy that provides coverage for common travel emergencies, including trips to the hospital and lost or stolen equipment. In addition, your policy includes protection for cancellations resulting from events beyond your control, such as natural disasters. To purchase your American Express Blue Cash Everyday Travel Insurance, visit the \url\url below and enter the promo code “BLUE” at checkout. Valid through 5/31/2017.

Claiming your insurance policy

If something happens while you’re out of the country, whether you’re on holiday or on a business trip, your American Express Blue Cash Everyday Travel Insurance policy can help. Here’s how to make a claim:

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1. Contact your American Express representative as soon as possible after an incident occurs. Let them know the name of the hotel, the date and time of your stay, and the circumstances surrounding the incident. 2. Provide proof of your travel insurance claim, such as your insurance certificate or invoice. 3. Follow American Express’ instructions for filing a claim, which may include mailings to various venues.